About Alison Tabone Mirasole

Being brought up in Marsaxlokk, it was impossible not to grow up with a love for swimming.

Learning how to swim was with the use of flotation aids that’s how it was at that time.  Having spent a lifetime by the sea I am aware of the dangers and risks posed to young children. These fears were amplified when I had my son. I wanted him to be confident in the water as early as possible without the overuse of flotation aids which is when I discovered Swimkidz!

We have been going to lessons for almost two years and apart from having amazing fun we now have peace of mind that our child is safer in and around water than on land! as yet there are no lessons against falling and bruising… Lessons are structured but delivered in a fun and stimulating way which is what attracted me to them initially. When the opportunity came for me to take over as Master Franchisee for Swimkidz Malta I did so in a heartbeat.

This is the perfect opportunity to do what I am so passionate about,  I want to be able to give this same reassurance to other parents who like me have their children's safety at heart.​

​I am committed in my delivery of an excellent customer service and to ensure each little one I teach learns to love the water and most of all be safe.

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