Children Swimming Lessons

Children can swim independently with the instructors around their third birthday, however we realise that each child will have different needs so this is not a step to be hurried.

The critieria for swimming without a parent is that your child is happy and content in the water without you and can swim on a woggle/noodle without being held for support on both their front and back.

Working toward the national and international plan for teaching swimming our structured programme further consolidates skills that were taught earlier. The aim is to increase swimming distances but with a clear emphasis on technique. The four main strokes are taught, front & back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly although with the latter this is generally introduced in its intirety at the age of 7. Dolphin kick is taught during the initial stages as a constrasting activity.

Earlier life saving techniques are now progressed to the next level but introduced in a fun filled way. Children get to swim in their PJ’s and taught to remove them whilst treading water which is truly amazing to see!

  • Baby Swimming with Swimkidz

  • Children Swimming with Swimkidz
  • Toddler Swimming with Swimkidz

Our programme seems endless as new skills are taught preparing children to become truly remarkable swimmers in every aspect whilst keeping a fun element to their lessons.

We are confident we will see some of our little wonders make the olympics one day! Well on her way is Charlotte Mahaffey who we have been fortunate to teach since she was just a baby. Charlotte is now the proud owner of the Woolmer Cup 2013 awarded by her school St Andrews for being the best swimmer in pre-prep. We all agree!