About Kerry Silva

I think I have one of the most rewarding and fun careers that anyone could have. I have always enjoyed the water but teaching Swimming was not something I ever imagined myself doing when I was young.

When my children were old enough they joined the local swimming club which was run by a friends Dad. My friend persuaded me to become involved. Firstly all I had to do was go to a few meetings to make up a committee. That seemed simple enough until one day I left a meeting realising that I had somehow volunteered to start teaching some of the classes! After some initial training I started my teaching journey. It didn’t take me long to realise how much I enjoyed it and when the opportunity arose to take my Amateur Swimming Association qualifications I jumped at the chance. That started my Teaching career that I have now been doing for nearly twenty years and needless to say I am forever grateful to my friend for pointing me in this direction.

It was through teaching that I met Trish Hare when we worked together at the same company. Trish had a great knowledge of baby swimming and I had just gained my Amateur Swimming Association Baby Swimming qualification. Trish was a great help to me and showed me lots of little tricks and games to occupy little ones in the water. I have over 10 year’s experience in baby swimming under my belt and have just recently gained my Birthlight qualification.

eaching parents to be relaxed and enjoy their time in the water with their baby is so rewarding. Its such a special bonding time and sometimes it may be the only opportunity for one to one time without the influence of other distractions. Since becoming a Grandparent I have participated in Swimkidz classes with my Grandaughter. I love the time we share in the water together and she has become so confident in the water, so much so that at 15 months old she can get herself back to the side of the pool and hold on.

‚ÄčI am extremely proud to be part of the Swimkidz team and look forward to teaching all the little ones and their parents how to gain confidence and learn essential life-saving skills.