Baby, toddler and children swimming classes at Kingshott School

Hilton London Wembley Pool


For baby and toddler swimming classes in Herthfordshire area please join us at our new swimming pool in Hitchin. We offer lessons through April to October annually and lessons run throughout this period, lessons are taught by our highly trained staff and from our structured and progressive lesson plans. Lessons are taught in small intimate classes ensure one to one attention as well as being part of a class, we bring along extra items to ensure brining your little ones swimming is as easy and carefree as possible.

We will be swimming at Kingshott School on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon from 4pm-6pm.

POOL ADDRESS Stevenage Road, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 7JX

Spring term: Starting: 
Week commencing 20th February 17 
Finishing: Week commencing 8th May 17 
Holiday: week commencing 3rd April & 10th April 2017

Summer term: 
Starting: Week commencing 15th May 17
Finishing: Week commencing 24th July 17 
Holiday: Week commencing 29th May 17 

Autumn term:
Starting: Week commencing 4th September 17 
Finishing: Week commencing 13th November 17 
Holiday: week commencing 23rd October 17