About Paul Daniels

My passion for swimming started at the age of 10yrs when I participated in a sponsored swim for Help the Aged at my local swimming baths in Swindon.  I suspect the organisers didn’t have a lot of faith in our swimming ability as we were each told that we could do 2 lengths and then had to get out! I completed 1,500 metres and would have carried on had I not been dragged out of the water by my teacher!!!!
From then on I knew that swimming was my forte so I joined a local club swimming daily, sometimes twice daily.  I also joined the local Royal Life Saving Society completing all badges right up to the open water distinction award at the age of 16. Both my children attended swimming lessons at Hayes swimming pool a well-established school but largely dependent on volunteers.  Facing a shortage of teachers and helpers the school were at risk of having to close so put out a plea for volunteers and that’s when I took my first steps into teaching swimming.
I soon found myself teaching swimming twice a week and loved it so much so I stayed there for over 7 years.  I got great satisfaction helping children from the age of 4-16 to either learn to swim or improve their swimming technique & have fun whilst doing it! That was 10 years ago, I recently left the corporate world where I worked for 28 years running a very large & very successful team in the UK & Cape Town, South Africa.  After considering all my options it soon became clear to me that an opportunity to run my very own swim school would not only improve mine and my family’s lifestyle but provide a career change I would truly enjoy.

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