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After 21 years spent working within the Travel Industry and having the opportunity to visit some amazing places my life made a major change after the birth of my wonderful son William. 
I spent 10 months at home with William and loved every minute of being with him; in this time I met some lovely new mums some of whom have become great friends. 
When William was 6 months myself and a few of my new mummy friends tried to get our babies into our local pool for swimming lessons and were surprised to find that all the classes were full we even enquired on the availability of private lessons to be told there was a 9 month waiting list! This got me to thinking as I was very keen for William to learn to swim from an early age, so why not look at what was available in way of a course to enable me to teach him myself. 
I did lots of research and discovered that there was a baby/preschool course being run in Reading by Trish Hare and after a few telephone conversations found myself booked onto the course. Wow sums up how I felt being in the pool with real baby and toddlers on the course. I passed with flying colours and stayed in contact with Trish and soon found myself travelling to Reading on a weekend to teach for her own swim school SwimKidz, the rewards cannot be put into words seeing those little ones swim underwater and their little faces smiling and laughing is just amazing. 
I never imagined being able to do a job that I actually love so much that getting up in the mornings was no longer a chore. Trish persuaded me to go on to do my full teachers which enabled me to teach beyond toddlers. There are challenging times but these are only ever met with a great reward at the end in seeing the children swim unaided.
When the opportunity arose to run SwimKidz in my own area South Bucks I couldn’t say Yes quick enough!


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