About Trish Hare

I became actively involved in swimming after my Son had a near drowning experience when he was just 4 years old. It raised the importance of not only learning to swim but how important it was for children to learn water safety and life-saving skills. When my children were young baby swimming wasn’t readily available and it wasn’t unusual for children to start swimming at around 5 years of age or even leave it until they did school swimming!

When I returned from my holiday I immediately joined a local swim school. What concerned me most was the quality of lessons readily available so I trained to become a swimming instructor with the ASA (amateur swimming association). This led onto greater things when my Daughter Tasha who was by now competing at open meets and was a very successful county champion. I got actively involved in competitive swimming by training within the club, swimming with and coaching the masters team all of which I did whilst doing my day job as an operations manager!

Trish Hare

Many years passed and a change of career was needed so I trained in Spain to do my baby and pre-school and aquacise with the STA (swimming teachers association). With over 20 years teaching experience all that was left to do was take my tutors exams in all swimming disciplines. This benefits Swimkidz as all of our amazing instructors not only have to take their full teachers, baby and pre-school, life-saving & aquacise but participate in our very own in-house training and continued professional development programme.

I love what I do and feel very honoured to have taught some of my little ones for nearly 8 years and seen them grow into amazing swimmers.

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