Water safety and being confident in the water is such an important concept for children to learn. As a Nana, looking after my Grandson 3 days a week, I searched for an appropriate swimming class to join. Swimkidz was recommended to me by a Mum, their child had gained a great deal from the sessions.

At 14 months I enrolled my Grandson, Howard in to Swimkidz with Paul as his teacher. At the time I felt confident all would be well. However, Howard didn’t enjoy the water at all, and clung to me as if for dear life. The sessions that followed involved sitting on the edge, occasionally putting a foot in to the water. By week 4 I really felt discouraged, but was not going to give up. I knew it was a battle worth conquering, but didn’t quite know how to go about it.

Paul was so encouraging and reassuring, as were the other Mums in the class. By the last week before the summer break, we had a breakthrough! Howard felt confident to be able to be a part of the class.

I was determined to keep his confidence up so throughout the holidays took him along to the local pool, encouraging water play in the paddling area, as advised by Paul and the other Mums.

Many months on, I can say with great delight, Howard loves his lessons with Swimkidz, always the first in the pool and happy to try out new tasks and growing in confidence.

I thoroughly recommend Swimkidz and would encourage any parent, grandparent or guardian not to give up if your child is reluctant at first!

To see Howard happy and at ease in the water is so rewarding- a real success story! Thanks to Paul and his swimming class!

Olivia and Thea Swimming