Swimming Classes in Swansea

Swimkidz provide Swimming Lessons at a variety of locations in and around Swansea. Our classes are for Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers and Children. We invite you to come and join one of our classes and find out what great fun you can have whilst your baby, toddler or child is learning to swim.

Baby Swimming Lessons, Swansea

Toddler Swimming Lessons - cartoons of baby with a seal

Swimkidz provide unique and innovative baby swimming lessons in Swansea. Babies can learn to swim from birth and this will help to develop an excellent bonding experience for you and you little one.

Toddler Swimming Lessons in Swansea

Baby Swimming Lessons - cartoons of baby on a stingray

Our toddler swimming lessons in Swansea enable your little one to further enhance their swimming skills, which will lead them naturally into independent swimming.

Children’s Swimming Lessons in Swansea

Children's Swimming Lessons - cartoons of turtle swimming

Our fun and creative children’s swimming lessons programme continues when children are ready to swim independently with their instructors.

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Swimming Classes in and around Swansea

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Swimming Lessons in Swansea

Warm Water Swimming Pools

Our swimming lessons in Swansea are only taught in warm water pools, with an emphasis on fun as well as learning skills. Children who attend our swimming lessons go on to swim independently much earlier than they may have done in other swimming lessons.

Early Swimming benefits

There are many benefits to early swimming including motor and neurological development, research has suggested that babies who participate in swimming are often more alert for their age and have better eating and sleeping patterns. Our innovative and unique baby swimming programme begins during pregnancy and continues in a safe, caring and nurturing environment up to their tenth birthday. Read more about the benefits of swimming for babies.

Life Saving Stories

Reports from a number of our parents have revealed some amazing life-saving and survival stories thanks to our teaching methods. Read some of our testimonials.

Swimming Teachers

Our team have taken part in a very comprehensive training programme that is recognised both nationally and internationally which is not only for teaching babies and toddlers but up to pre-competitive swimming. Read more about children swimming lessons. We invest heavily in training only the best instructors to teach your little ones and the pools we use are carefully selected for their suitably to ensure your baby’s comfort safety and enjoyment. We love what we do and the way we do it shows we are totally committed to making your time with us memorable. Contact us for more information about swimming lessons near you.