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Swimming Classes at
Charlton Park Academy, London

Swimming Lessons at Charlton Park Academy

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Sunday's Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Children
Day Venue Start Time Class Start Date
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 09:00am Baby 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 09:30am Baby 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 10:00am Toddler 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 11:00am Toddler 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 11:30am Baby 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 12:00pm Toddler 7/1/2018
Sunday Charlton Park Academy 12:30pm Baby 7/1/2018


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Business Owner for London:  Rachel Franklin

I was one of those children who wanted to run before they could walk. This is something that has stayed with me into adult life. As soon as I could talk and move around independently I wanted to ride horses, swim and play football.

I was fearless as a kid and would swim for hours, do backdives and hold my breath for a ridiculously long time. As I grew older I swam less and rode horses more, a passion which I have continued with. I was reintroduced to swimming whilst pregnant with my daughter Ruby, the feeling of floating in the water when you are huge and swollen is fantastic as well as being incredibly relaxing. I do like to keep fit and am a regular gym goer, after having Ruby I moved from the gym to the pool and then started baby swim classes as soon as she was 3 months old. She absolutely loves the classes and are both mine and my friends favourite, of all the activities we do.

Ruby loves the water and teaching her this necessary skill as well as the safety aspects are one of the most important things I could spend my maternity pay on.

The joy I get spending time with Ruby in the pool led me to contact Trish at Swimkidz. There are limited baby swim classes in South East London that are progressive, I had to go quite far for my daughter’s lessons . After realising there was a need for something like this nearer home and hitting it off with the Swimkidz team, well here I am. I have completed the STA Baby and Toddler Course, Aqua Yoga and Life Saving.

We are running classes out of two pools in Chislehurst and Charlton both Baby Level 1 and Aqua- natal Yoga.