Swimming Classes at
North Abingdon, Abingdon

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children from bump onwards in and around Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Please fill in our contact form to signup for our innovative and unique swimming lessons at North Abingdon, Abingdon

Swimming Lessons at North Abingdon

Swimming Pool Information

Pool temperature - 31 Degrees Suitable for - Babies, Toddlers & Beginner stage swimmers Beginner stages available Mondays only.

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Mondays Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Children
Day Venue Start Time Class Start Date
Monday North Abingdon 10:00am Baby 13/5/2019
Monday North Abingdon 10:30am Toddler 13/5/2019
Monday North Abingdon 11:00am Baby 13/5/2019
Monday North Abingdon 11:30am Baby 13/5/2019
Monday North Abingdon 12:00pm Toddler 13/5/2019
Monday North Abingdon 12:30pm Baby 13/5/2019


Childs Age

Business Owner for Abingdon:  Tara Thomas

Hi my name is Tara Thomas, I am 28 years old and have been involved with Swimkidz since my son was born. I am a strong believer that swimming is a fundamental skill that should and can be learned as early as possible. I was born in a remote part of the world, Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean where learning to swim was as important as learning to read and write, therefore I would like to share this passion with as many children and parents as possible. My 3 year old son Freddie is part of a weekly Swimkidz class and is reaping the benefits, not only is he happy in the water but is always willing to learn and be extremely confident due to the structure and content of the swimming programme offered by Swimkidz. He currently models for multiple clothing brands and this is partly due to his confidence gained from learning to swim and integrating with children and adults in the pool environment. He is currently featuring on the Splash about website in an underwater image captured by Swimkidz. Overall I feel my duty is to ensure that both children and parents enjoy themselves within the swimming class where everybody can learn trust and grow confidence in the water but most of all have fun!!! I hope that you can join our classes and if you are interested please get in contact as I would love to share my passion for swimming with you!!!!