Swimming Classes at
Farnham Lane Pool, Haslemere

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children from bump onwards in and around Haslemere, Surrey. Please fill in our contact form to signup for our innovative and unique swimming lessons at Farnham Lane Pool, Haslemere

Swimming Lessons at Farnham Lane Pool

Swimming Pool Information


POOL DEPTH 1.3 metres>


SUITABLE FOR babies, toddlers

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Mondays Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Children
Day Venue Start Time Class Start Date
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 10:30am Baby 4/6/2018
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 11:00am Baby 4/6/2018
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 10:30am Baby 25/2/2019
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 11:00am Toddler 25/2/2019
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 11:30am Baby 25/2/2019
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 12:00pm Baby 25/2/2019
Monday Farnham Lane Pool 10:00am Baby 18/3/2019


Childs Age

Business Owner for Haslemere:  Sharon Osborne

Following an interesting career as a lawyer in London I decided it was time to change direction and do something I was truly passionate about. I have always been an active person, loving all things to do with water from swimming every day to boogie boarding, sailing, water-skiing and to simply playing in the waves. I love interacting with babies and toddlers, and now that my daughters are growing up I realised that I had a wonderful opportunity to combine these passions.

I met Trish (Swimkidz Franchisor) and her management team at a Franchise event in London and was greatly impressed by the professionalism of Swimkidz as a company, so much so that I decided to join the team!

As a young mother I was keen for my daughters to feel confident in water and to enjoy its benefits as much as I do so took them to the local pool at an early age. It would have been amazing to have gone through a swimming journey with Swimkidz for my girls.

What I really love about the Swimkidz lessons is the way in which water confidence and especially the safety skills are taught in such a fun and stimulating way right from the very first lesson. Seeing parents bond with their little ones in the pool is just wonderful and knowing you are assisting with their social and cognitive development is very rewarding.

I look forward to passing on my passion for swimming to parents and their little ones and welcoming them to the magical watery world of Swimkidz Central South East.

For more details on our lessons call me on 07852322183