Swimming Classes at
Glanmorfa, Kidwelly

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children from bump onwards in and around Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. Please fill in our contact form to signup for our innovative and unique swimming lessons at Glanmorfa, Kidwelly

Swimming Lessons at Glanmorfa

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Wednesdays Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Children
Day Venue Start Time Class Start Date
Wednesday Glanmorfa 09:00am Baby 22/5/2019
Wednesday Glanmorfa 09:30am Baby 22/5/2019
Wednesday Glanmorfa 10:00am Baby 22/5/2019
Wednesday Glanmorfa 09:00am Baby 4/9/2019
Wednesday Glanmorfa 09:30am Baby 4/9/2019
Wednesday Glanmorfa 10:00am Baby 4/9/2019


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Business Owner for Kidwelly:  Katie Martin

Fitness has always been a keen interest for me. I qualified as a personal trainer when I was 20 and ran my own aerobic fitness classes each week.

When my son was born, the earliest little ones could start swimming lessons was 3 years old.

When I had my daughter some years later, I found out about Swimkidz lessons which little ones can start from newborn.

I new that it was definitely something I wanted my daughter to learn and gain water confidence while learning vital safety skills around water.

It was such a bonding experience while at the lessons, I was counting down the days until her next swim session.

From her first swim lesson I new that I would love to become a swimkidz instructor, and was delighted when the opportunity came for me to run my franchise area.

At 2.5 years old my daughter is continuing her Swimkidz journey with my mother, with myself teaching her and I am excited to develop Swimkidz Llanelli and West Wales.