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Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children from bump onwards in and around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Please fill in our contact form to signup for our innovative and unique swimming lessons at Freedom Fitness Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes

Swimming Lessons at Freedom Fitness Leisure Centre

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Business Owner for Milton Keynes:  Michelle Crack

Shelley is Mum to 4yr old Byron who has been attending swimming lessons since he was 3 mths old. �Introducing Byron to the water as a baby was really important to me, apart from learning valuable life-saving techniques it was a wonderful bonding experience for us both. Swimkidz lessons offered a lot of variety and were very stimulating & fun based for the little ones. I was impressed with the level of instruction and the professionalism of the team� say�s Shelley.

Byron now swims totally unaided and is very impressive to watch as he makes his way around the pool like a little fish! With a solid business background in training Shelley decided that she needed a new challenge in her life. �Friends were always commenting on how great I am with children and how well they respond to me, so working with them seemed the most sensible and rewarding option� says Shelley. After looking at a number of different opportunities and based on her own memorable experiences, Shelley decided that teaching children to swimming was the route she wanted to take.