Swimming Classes at
Woodley , Reading

Swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and children from bump onwards in and around Reading, Berkshire. Please fill in our contact form to signup for our innovative and unique swimming lessons at Woodley , Reading

Swimming Lessons at Woodley

Swimming Pool Information

POOL TEMPERATURE 31 - 32 degrees

SUITABLE FOR babies, toddlers

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Mondays Swimming Classes for Babies, Toddlers and Children
Day Venue Start Time Class Start Date
Monday Woodley 10:00am Baby 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 10:30am Toddler 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 11:00am Baby 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 11:30am Mini-transitional 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 12:00pm Ducking 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 12:30pm Baby 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 1:00pm Baby 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 1:30pm Baby 13/5/2019
Monday Woodley 10:00am Baby 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 10:30am Toddler 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 11:00am Baby 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 11:30am Ducking 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 12:00pm Baby 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 12:30pm Baby 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 1:00pm Baby 2/9/2019
Monday Woodley 1:30pm Baby 2/9/2019


Childs Age

Business Owner for Reading:  Charlotte Lyles

Hi, my name is Charlotte I have been working for SwimKidz since I was 14 years old as a pool helper and as soon as I was able, I took my first swimming teacher qualification at 16yrs old, I then followed this up with my full teachers certificate and baby and pre-school by the age of 18.

In 2016 at 20 years old I took and passed my tutors course with the STA and was one of the youngest tutors to qualify at that point. In 2017 I further qualified in the highest level of baby swimmingby passing the Level 3 Diploma. Swimming has always been my number one passion as I have been surrounded by it my entire life. MyFather was an Olympic coach and swam in the England Youth Squad, my Mother was also a coach and swimming teacher. I started my own franchise in Reading at the age of 22 as I knew it just ticked all the right boxes for me and doing something I loved was an added bonus!

I have seen babies start with us from just a few weeks old grow into truly amazing swimmers who are now 8-10 years old! Some have even gone on to receive national recognition! Teaching so many children this important life-skill is an honour andin my opinion is one of lifes most valuable skills.