Aqua-Natal Yoga

A Yoga water work-out for pre and post-natal Mums

Aquabumpz classes are run in most of our pools providing mums-to-be and post-natal mums the opportunity to exercise using the unique properties of water in a fun and relaxed way.  You can join a short course of just five lessons which not only helps you to relax but will give you an insight into techniques you can use with your baby once they are born. You can of course do more lessons if you wish.

Fully Trained Aqua Yoga Instructors

All of our instructors are fully trained in all aspect of baby swimming and aqua-natal and will be on hand to support you throughout your water workout. Once your baby is born you can use join us for our baby swimming and claim a 20% reduction off your full first course of lessons!

Stretch, Relaxation & Deep Breathing

Pioneered by Birthlight, Aqua Yoga is the most comprehensive set of adaptation of classic yoga practices in water. Aqua Yoga offers the benefits of stretch, relaxation and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance. It is accessible to all irrespective of age, fitness or previous experience of yoga and swimming competence. Initially developed as aqua-natal yoga, Birthlights aqua yoga makes full use of the properties of water for fitness, wellbeing and therapeutic applications.

All Ages and Abilities

Water is a great medium to exercise due to low impact and possibilities of creating various levels of resistance to suit individuals’ abilities and needs. It offers the potential for safely extending stretches in ways that are not possible for many people on land.

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Aqua Natal Yoga - swimming during Pregnancy
Aqua Natal Yoga - swimming during Pregnancy
Aqua Natal Yoga - swimming during Pregnancy

Birthlight Aqua Yoga

The properties of water are fully used when bodies are immersed up to the shoulders and neck: immersion is a foundation of birthlight aqua yoga and singles it out from other forms of exercise in water.

While pool floor and pool wall are partially used for resistance, even tentative swimmers are encouraged to find their body balance in water with the use of floating aids in order to gain greater freedom of movement.

Benefits of Birthlight Aqua Yoga

Birthlight has developed progressive Aqua Yoga sequences to suit both tentative beginners and strong swimmers. Rather than transposing standing yoga in shallow pools, classic poses are adapted into fluid floating stretches with rotations allowing 3 D movements. All Aqua Yoga stretches are done with the flow of the breath: breathing more fully in water stimulates all the body systems with minimal strain.


Relaxation is a main practice and outcome in yoga. Water, provided that it is warm enough, expands the benefits of yoga relaxation with all the documented health benefits that it brings. Birthlight has developed a variety of Aqua Yoga floating relaxations using buoyancy aids, individually, in pairs or in groups. In the same way as Birthlight circles on land, Aqua Yoga group practices in a circle create synergetic effects for those taking part.

It is not necessary to immerse face and head to practice Aqua Yoga but those who are happy to have their faces in water can access a further range of practices. Yoga-based adapted elements of all the strokes are accessible to tentative swimmers and help confident swimmers to enjoy their strokes more fully.

Françoise Freedman the founder of Birthlight has developed Aqua Yoga out of her twin passion for yoga and swimming. Her experience of the therapeutic benefits of Aqua Yoga has led her to develop further practices in Aqua Yoga Therapy.

Article on Aqua Yoga written by Françoise Freedman
Cost of course £50.00 for five weeks. Classes are 45 minutes in duration.
To find out more please contact us on 07825 955533/01189836130
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