SwimKidz lessons are brilliant

My eldest had loved swimming but developed a fear of water last Summer. After less than a year of lessons with Trish and her team (and a lot of patience from them too!) she is now swimming independently and loving it. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Wholehartedly recommend

Milly is now in her second term with Swimkidz, and absolutely loves it! Her water confidence is great and she’s learning skills like what to do if she falls in, swimming underwater, and learning to kick her legs and paddle her arms, all whilst having fun with nursery rhymes, swim toys and a fab team of instructors. Thank you Swimkidz, I would and do wholehartedly recommend you.

Isy Davies

Arthur has been with Paul for About a year and he has processed really well with his swimming. Paul is excellent at keeping the kids attention and bring out there strengths. The classes are a nice size and with 2 instructors in the pool no one is left on the pool side with no attention. Communication regarding classes is excellent, they use Facebook and emails for messages. Arthur always looks forward to his swimming lessons with Paul.

Lorraine mum of Arthur aged 7

A big thank you!

I just wanted to say (sorry I have only just got round to this!) a big THANK YOU for getting the kids to where they are with their swimming. It is lovely to be able to watch them swimming under water and really having confidence when we go swimming and this is down to your patience and teaching skills.  Please do stay in contact and keep on exchanging leaflets! If you go more local to us at the weekends then please let me know.

Donna W.

I just wanted to say (sorry I have only just got round to this!) a big THANK YOU for getting the kids to where they are with their swimming. It is lovely to be able to watch them swimming under water and really having confidence when we go swimming and this is down to your patience and teaching skills.  Please do stay in contact and keep on exchanging leaflets! If you go more local to us at the weekends then please let me know.

John Black
Would certainly recommend swimkidz

My 4 year old has been swimming with them since they started and my two year old has been swimming from 9 weeks. My son has been nervous about putting his face in the water but the instructors have been great and patient and let him get there without forcing him. He is now confident and is beginning to do lots of independent swimming and even tried dolphin kick today.

Financially worthwhile

Isobel has been having weekly lessons with Swimkidz for almost 2 years, and has come on leaps and bounds. When she first started her confidence was low, and she wouldn’t go under water. Now she’s diving into the pool and her favourite activity is the under water tea party! The way they organise games and activities really keeps the kids interested and encourages them to build confidence in the water. It’s also financially worthwhile as the groups are small, and they get plenty of time in the pool.

Rachel mum of Isobel (age 6)


A Big Thank You to Lorraine and Erin at Swimkidz – A Formidable Duo

Our granddaughter Amelia is in her second year at Swimkidz. She has gained so much confidence in the water. She will have a go at anything they ask of her. Both teachers are very clear and precise at demonstrating the correct techniques, and following it through with practice.

Amelia loves her swimming lessons and has so much fun. She has a good rapport with both Lorraine and Erin. They are brilliant teachers and are a credit to Swimkidz.

We have had all of our children taught to swim, but this is the best we have come across.

I highly recommend Swimkidz to all my friends. Please pass on our thanks to both of your expert instructors.

Terry and Chris Mulvenna

Really pleased!

Coming from a competitive swimming background I was keen to get my kids learning to swim as soon as possible. I chose SwimKidz because of their focus on getting kids swimming on their own without parents being in the water (when they are old enough), and that they teach the range of strokes using fun techniques. The lessons are fun, but focused.

I am really pleased with the SwimKidz lessons for both my baby daughter who at only 9 months is already happy being submerged underwater. This has also really made a difference for something as simple as having her hair washed in the bath (as she knows to shut her eyes when I say “Reay Go”!). My 3 year old son has gained enough confidence to take part in lessons without me being in the water (something I was very keen for him to achieve).

Marc Alderman
Ellie, Mum to 6 months old (nearly!) son, Slough

I’ve been taking my son to lesson with Paul at SwimKidz since my son was 12 weeks old and we are now on our second 10 week course. I was initially only going to do one course, get the gist of it and then carry on by myself, but Paul is such a good teacher, and interacts so well with the children that I’ve carried on.
Paul is very personable and keeps the environment nice and calm for the babies. The skills that we learn – such as Hold On Hold On, where they hold on to the side of the pool – are also used in other areas – such as holding on to the cot when I put his top on.
Bath time is certainly a lot more fun, as well as wetter now! Paul has been very accommodating with payment plans and keeps the whole service very personal.

Ellie, Slough
I could not recommend SwimKidz enough!

My little boy has been with Trish a number of years now and he has done amazing. He is so confident in the water,and he loves his swimming lessons. At the age of 5 he can swim a very good distance. During the lesson there is more than one teacher in the pool, there is also 2 helpers. This ensures al children are looked after and if they need a little bit more help the helpers can assit and the teacher can focus on the lesson. Many other classes you see the teacher sitting on the side shouting instructions, with swimkidz they are in the pool with them. If you want your child to learn to swim you must choose swim kidz, you wont regret it.

Thank you Trish and your team!

Having been at SwimKidz for over 4 years now, I can say with confidence that these lessons have been one of the best investments I have made for my daughter. The quality of the lessons and teaching instruction received has been second to none and due to this my daughter has grown into a very confident and able swimmer. This is all thanks SwimKidz and their high standards. Thank you Trish and your team!

Amanda Ray
I cannot thank Swimkidz enough

My children love the water now. After a wobbley start the children now love swimming and have gained so much confidence. They enjoy the games that they play in the lessons and are coming on so much. Having two teachers in the pool really helps, sometimes I need a little extras help!. I’m not overly confident in the water, so having that extra help is wonderful. The teachers are really nice,the children often pretend to be them when they play! I am already looking forward to aqua classes with my bump!!!

I’ve been meaning to write to you to say a massive thank you for the work you all do.

I especially like to thank Lorraine and her daughter, Erin, for their hard work, and fantastic partnership, which means my children confidence and ability is continuing to improve. Lorraine has built a great relationship with the children and has real attention to detail so that the whole class moves on improving their technique and learning new styles. Along with Erin, she keeps the lessons feel fresh and fun, which makes learning how to swim easy for everyone.


Great time swimming!

I just wanted to say Kushal had a great time at the swimming lesson on Sunday. I was very surprised how well he took to being in the water with no crocodile tears! I was also very impressed with the class structure; we both had lots of fun singing and swishing! I have recommended the classes to our group of baby friends and hope they join in on the fun.

Fantastic! I cannot sing my praises high enough about our lessons. My little boy has just turned 4 months old, and last week he swam underwater on his own (I know it wasn’t ‘properly’ or for a length of time, but the fact he is happy underwater makes me happy)! We are half way through our first term, and we both love it so much! It is such a invaluable life skill and I am so pleased my little one is learning in a intimate small group of children of a similar age. We will definitely be coming back for more! And a bonus to top it off, he has slept through the night since starting swimming lessons!
Jenni Wood
Excited to go each week
William and Audrey have been having lessons with Caroline at SwimKidz for a couple of years now. Before we started the lessons, they wouldn’t let me wash their hair without screaming, but now they’re the last ones out of the water! The small class sizes are brilliant because not only do you feel your children are safe, but they have the attention of the instructors and they’re able to help them try things again when they need to, rather than have to move on too quickly. The instructors are really encouraging, and because they’re actually in the pool with the children, they can demonstrate strokes in the water. The kids find the lessons really fun and are excited to go each week as, not only are they learning strokes and water safety, but also how to do handstands and duck dives!

Kate mum of William (age 6) & Audrey (age 5)