Toddlers Swimming Classes

Swim Lessons for Toddlers

Once you have completed our fifty- week baby programme you can progress into our amazing toddler lessons. If you haven’t participated in swimming before with your little one you will still be able to join us as we structure our classes on ability as well as age taking into consideration each individual child’s needs.


Lessons are delivered with core skills being taught in every class leading to independent swimming. We do not use armbands as these can be restictive and prevent the toddler from feeling their own natural bouyancy.

Engage Imagination

We use unique and innovative practices that engage your toddlers imagination. Your child will remain in the toddler section until they are ready for the next big step to swim with the Instructors without a parent usually around 4yrs old when they have passed their transitional stage 1 ensuring they are ready for independence.

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Swimming lessons - two young boys swimming underwater holding hands
Mother and child swimming underwater - swim lessons with Swimkidz