SwimKidz Lesson Terms & Conditions 

You should never bring your child swimming if they have any illness such as ear infections, diarrhoea, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis or a bad cold. You should wait until your Doctor has given you the all clear before returning to classes. In the instance of sickness/diarrhoea, your child must be clear of all symptoms for at least 48 hours before attending a class.

Contamination of the Pool 
Please ensure that you do not feed your child at least 1.5-2hrs before they swim. This does not include baby milk, although you should try to avoid any large milk feeds within the said time. Snacking before your child enters the pool is strictly forbidden .If you suspect your child is going to vomit please get them to the side of the pool quickly turning them away from the water’s edge.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the pool if there is any evidence your child has eaten prior to their lesson. Pools apply a minimum £200 charge for cleaning the pool after sickness or faeces which will be passed on if the above guidelines are not adhered too. If you are aware that your baby has soiled their nappy, please advise the Instructor so you can be assisted out of the pool to change your little one. In the event that any faeces have entered the pool, you must alert the Instructor immediately as the pool will have to be evacuated immediately.

Nappies & Changing your Baby/Child 
All babies and toddlers of nappy wearing age must without exception wear a disposable swim nappy and a ‘Happy or Neo Nappy’ on top. These are the rules of the pools we use and without this attire we reserve the right to refuse entry to the pool. Please note if the pool is contaminated with faeces due to non-compliance of this we reserve the right to charge for any cleaning costs we incur. You must always change your baby on a suitable surface either the floor on a changing mat or a specially designed changing table if available.

Do not use any raised areas such as benches, trolleys or tables. This is to prevent babies/toddlers from rolling off and injuring themselves which can easily happen and cause unnecessary distress for all concerned. Please do not change your baby’s nappies poolside. Please ensure that all nappies are taken away with you as most venues do not provide nappy bins. Do not use open bins, bins that are for general rubbish, sanitary bins or bins outside the venue.

Food in Changing Rooms 
Food must never be consumed in the changing rooms. Food particles can easily be picked up and consumed by another child who may suffer an allergy which may lead to a severe reaction. Therefore we respectfully request that if your little one needs a snack after swimming, you leave this until you have vacated the premises. This rule also applies to playpens made available to you on poolside.

Pool/Poolside Health & Safety 
No outside footwear should be worn on poolside due to germ transferral. If available, use the overshoes, bring flip flops or go barefoot.

Please observe the rules of the pool and shower yourself and your child before entering the water as any lotions, perfumes etc can impair the quality of the water. Quality controlled document V4 Dated: 16/2/15 Trish Hare Swimkidz Whilst waiting for your lesson it would be greatly appreciated if you could keep noise to a minimum to ensure that all lessons are kept calm and peaceful. Please do not enter the water until the previous class has finished and you are invited to do so by your instructor. You are responsible for the safe supervision of your child and any other children you bring with you at all times; on poolside, in the changing rooms and on the pool premises. Please do not allow your child to enter the water without an adult.

All parentless classes should remain in the care of their parent/carer until the start of their lesson. For parent and child classes your child remains under your direct supervision and you should carefully follow instructions provided by your instructor taking special care where there is a safety bar around the pool. Little ones can catch arms and legs when jumping in or activities from the wall, please ensure your child’ limbs are clear when bringing them into the pool. Swimkidz will not be responsible for any injury sustained in or around the pool if this rule is not observed. Children should always be under the direct supervision of an adult and never left unattended. The poolside can become very wet and slippery and it is so easy for children to hurt themselves.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the poolside at any time. At the end of your lesson you should vacate the pool so to ensure you have left our care safely. If you or your child return to the pool after this time, you will not be covered under the terms of our insurance. When leaving the pool premises you must ensure your child is with you at all times and he/she must never be left to run off unattended. Whilst we continuously risk assess the pool and changing areas, we will not be liable for any injury to persons acting in an uncontrolled manner in or out of the pool area. In most of our pools we can usually only accommodate one parent per child. However, we are happy for other family members, friends, nannies etc to bring your child to classes.

Anyone new must advise the instructor at the beginning of the lesson so they can provide the extra help that will be needed.

Cancellation of your course 
Should your course be cancelled a full refund will be made to you. Should you wish to cancel your course an administration charge of £20.00 will be applied unless there is documented medical evidence advising your child not to swim. If you cancel a week before term commences no refund will be made unless there is documented medical evidence advising your child should not swim.

Re-Booking System
To ensure your child keeps the venue/class/time of your choice, we operate an automatic re- booking system. You will be notified via a newsletter which is e mailed to you prior to re-booking giving providing full details on the re booking process and the last day in which you can cancel your place on the course. If you do not let us know then your card will be automatically debited and a £20 charge will be applied to cover administration costs. Payment details are held on a secure site.

Due to health reasons such as conjunctivitis, it is advisable that you bring along your own goggles if you wish to swim underwater with your little one. Your goggles should be transparent, non tinted lenses so may your baby/toddler can see you clearly. There be a pair of goggles to loan poolside but we do not accept responsibility for any health issues they may cause. If your toddler wishes to wear goggles, please ensure they are used to them before the lessons so time is not wasted playing with them. Goggles are not to be used during any assessments. Teacher/helpers are not permitted to adjust goggles due to the risk of injury.

Please do not wear items that can get lost or would harm you or your little one in the water. The wearing of jewellery is sometimes prohibited in some pools as it can cause damage to the lining. Please check with your instructor.

Missed Lessons 
If your child is unable to attend their lesson, no refund can be made. Attending lessons in other classes although not impossible, cannot be guaranteed.

Most venues do not allow photography, you should always check with your Instructor if you are unsure. If photography is permitted then you will need to complete a form which will be available to you. Photographs of children other than your own must never be placed on sites such as ‘Facebook’. Videography on any device is strictly forbidden

Exclusion of Liability 
In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by the instructor and Swimkidz, the participation of you: your spouse/partner: child or those in whose care you have placed your child for the purpose of attending or observing Swimkidz swimming lessons is done so entirely at your and their own risk.

Medical Conditions 
It is vital that you advise us of any medical condition(s) that you, your child or the person responsible for taking your child swimming may have that might affect them whilst in the pool. Any such information is treated with utmost sensitivity and in confidence. If you are ensure whether any illness or injury may affect your child’s ability to swim, please refer to you GP, Health Visitor or other health professional. By signing below you are also agreeing to take responsibility for the fact that anyone who brings your child swimming who has an illness, injury etc. will, if necessary, have taken medical advice before attending. Please also ensure that the carer provides the instructor with any relevant information before commencing the lesson. All persons who bring their children swimming with Swimkidz take ultimate responsibility for their own and their child’s medical/health issues and will be deemed by Swimkidz to have taken all necessary advice from the appropriate authority. Informing Swimkidz of an adult’s or child’s medical condition does not relinquish this responsibility. Before the start of your first lesson you will be asked to sign and complete a form which states you have read and understood this conditions.

Data Protection 
Swimkidz are committed to protecting your privacy and will therefore only use the information we collect from you lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.