Welcome to Milton Keynes Hospital Hydro Pool

FRANCHISEE  Shelley Crack

POOL ADDRESS Standing Way, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LD


The main entrance to the hospital is off of the A421 – H8 Standing way. However, there are alternative free parking facilities around the outside of the hospital campus. These are highlighted on the following map.

Turn into the hospital from the H8 roundabout and turn left at the mini roundabout, follow the road to the multi storey car park on the left.

​When you come out of the car park go across the zebra crossing and the entrance is directly in front of you: ENTRANCE 6. Go through the double doors and turn left; you will see signs to “Swimkidz – Hydro Pool”. A member of staff will be there to meet and greet you, with your welcome pack, all ready for your first swimming lesson. Your Happy Nappy will be included if you have ordered one.


Visitor Car Parks at Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are barrier controlled. To enter the Visitor Car Parks a ticket must be taken at the barrier. Please take your ticket with you. Do not leave the ticket In your vehicle. 

Upon leaving the Hospital building please pay for your parking at one of the Pay on Foot. Pay Stations located as follows. 

  • Between Main Entrance and A & E
  • Treatment Centre by Post Graduate Centre
  • Lobby in Pedestrian Entry/Exit to Multi Storey Car Park
  • Opposite Car Park 01 at the back of the Hospital

When you have paid for your ticket, return to your car and drive to the nearest exit. Insert your ticket into the machine and the barrier will rise. Help buttons are located on all Entry/Exit barriers and Payment Machines.

Duration Charge


0-1h £2.50
1-3h £3.50
3-6h £4.50
6-8h £5.00
8-12h £10.00
12-24h £10.00



CHADWICK DRIVE - OFF SAXON STREET FARTHING GROVE - NETHERFIELD. OPPOSITE THE HOSPITAL ENTRANCE – There is a redway underpass to hospital GOLDEN DRIVE – Again walk through to hospital