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More benefits of baby swimming lessons

The experience of learning to swim helps baby’s development in lots of ways; in fact, there are so many benefits to your baby learning to swim, we’ve had to write a second article!

Our previous article outlined the following benefits:

  • Swimming is great for baby’s growing body.
  • Swimming is good for baby’s developing brain.
  • Swimming can improve baby’s appetite and sleep.
  • Swimming with your baby is a great opportunity for some quality bonding time.
  • Swimming helps build water confidence.

Here are some more benefits of your baby learning to swim:

  • Swimming uses both sides of the body at once, which stimulates new neural connections between the two halves of the brain. Added to the sensory experience of being in water, this can improve your baby’s reading and language skills, academic learning and spatial awareness for years to come.
  • Swimming lessons help reduce the risk of drowning. Children learn important skills and a healthy respect for the water, plus the confidence to remain calm if they get into trouble while in the water. Even very young babies can be taught to float on their back – a potentially life-saving skill.
  • Good baby swimming lessons typically include play, songs, and interaction with parents, instructors and other children in the class. Your little one will start learning how to function in groups, which will improve her self-control and build her self-esteem. Studies have shown that children who take regular swimming lessons are better at coping with new situations, show more independence and are more comfortable in social situations than children who don’t swim.

At Swimkidz, we have taught thousands of little ones to swim and become safer around water. With our tried and tested techniques and our progressive structured plans, children go on to swim independently much earlier than they may have done in other lessons.

For more information on our dedicated baby and child swimming lesson, including classes near you, please contact us.

Reference: The Benefits of Infant Swim Time

Olivia and Thea Swimming
Olivia and Thea Swimming
Olivia and Thea Swimming
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