Aqua-Natal Yoga

Aqua-bumpz classes are run in some of our pools and provides mums-to-be the opportunity to exercise using the unique properties of water.  Our classes are specially designed with you in mind and have been written by our own in-house tutor and personal trainer to ensure you get the safest but best aqua natal workout!
 swim kidz swimming fish
You can join a short course of just five lessons which not only helps you to relax but will give you an insight into techniques you can use with your baby once they are born.  You can of course do more lessons if you wish.
All of our instructors are fully trained in all aspect of baby swimming and aqua-natal and will be on hand to support you throughout your water workout.  Once your baby is born you can use the gift certificate to claim a discount off your first course of lessons!
For more information or for booking contact :sharky(at)