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Gestational diabetes

Diabetes UK warns of an epidemic of gestational diabetes, which causes problems during pregnancy and birth.

Swimkidz were invited by the BBC on the 6th March to participate in an article about gestational diabetes affecting women in pregnancy, this was aired on Friday 20th April BBC News at 10pm. The news article explains that gestational diabetes is on the rise and there is not much awareness of the condition and the problems it can cause.

Swimkidz teach aquayoga to expectant Mums to aid well-being during pregnancy, most follow this up by joining our baby swim classes where they naturally exercise post-natal.  Even moving through the water can aid and strengthen the core and cardiovascular system in a safe and therapeutic way, in fact water is a great medium to exercise due to low impact and assists in weight loss and feel good factor which is important for post-natal Mums.

Swimkidz provide Yoga water work-out for pre and post-natal Mums that provide a great many benefits. Read more about Aqua Yoga classes.

Read more about exercise during pregnancy here on NHS website: nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/pregnancy-exercise/

Because of the low impact and ability to use different levels of resistance Aqua Yoga is suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities.  The  benefits include stretching, relaxation and deep breathing, making full use of the properties of water for fitness, wellbeing and therapeutic applications.  Françoise Freedman, the founder of Birthlight developed Aqua Yoga out of her passions for yoga and swimming.  Read more about Aqua Yoga.

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