When it comes to swimming, most babies are naturals; they have a great kick reflex and, with a confident adult supporting them, they aren’t afraid of the water. Babies can start swimming from birth, and the experience helps their development in lots of ways.

Swimming = body benefits

Swimming can really help with your baby’s physical development. It builds strength, stamina and flexibility, improves posture and balance, and can even help keep the heart and lungs healthy. Babies who attend baby swimming classes have been shown to better at gripping, reaching and balance tests than non-swimming babies.

Swimming = safety skills

Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death in children, yet 1 in 5 still leave primary school unable to swim. Taking your baby to swimming classes gives them a head-start at this essential life skill and could help keep them safe later in life.

Swimming = confident and capable

Some children are nervous about getting into the water for the first time; that’s natural, but if you show them that you are happy and confident in the water, but they’ll soon get used to it and start having fun. If you’re nervous about taking your baby swimming, sign up for our baby swimming classes; you’ll have the support of our friendly professional instructor and other parents/carers.

Swimming = family fun

Most children love being in the water, and many say that swimming is their favourite family activity. It’s a great way for the whole family to keep fit and to be active together. Check your local pool for family sessions – some even provide inflatables and toys.

Some top tips for swimming with babies and toddlers:

Bath time is a great opportunity to get Baby used to being in water. Splashing around is fun and will familiarise them with the feeling of water on their skin and face.  You might notice that your baby instinctively moves their arms and legs when they’re immersed in water; this is a natural, automatic reaction and shows that your baby should be fine to start swimming!

Before you get to the pool, remember to pack swim nappies and to any floats, armbands or goggles you need. It’s a good idea to bring a drink and a snack for afterwards too.

At the pool, keep Baby submerged to shoulder level in the water, and keep moving so neither of you gets chilly. Stay relaxed and focus on playing games and having fun in the water.

Here at Swimkidz, we’ve taught thousands of babies, toddlers and children to swim and become safer around water. Our programme has been carefully put together to ensure that you and your child are learning from the very best. Contact us today to find your nearest class.


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