We get it; it’s dark and cold, the last thing you feel like doing is going swimming with your child. Besides, won’t you both ‘catch your death’ from having wet hair, or from the ‘bugs’ in the water?

Not true! In fact, swimming all year round improves kids’ fitness levels, making them more resilient to stress and illness. With a few basic precautions, your kids can keep swimming, and stay fit and healthy, throughout winter.

  • Ensure your kids get dry quickly and wrap up warm after their swimming lessons; don’t let them stand around wet.
  • Dry your kid’s hair after their swim class with a hair dryer or have them wear a swimming cap while in the pool.
  • Give them something warm and wholesome to eat. Good nutrition will boost their immune system and hot food will make them feel warm. Plus, most kids are ravenous after swimming!

Regular reduction in your kid’s body temperature challenges their immune system and helps to strengthen it against cold and flu viruses. Of course, if your child’s immune system is already compromised by illness or an ongoing condition, get your GP’s advice first.

At Swimkidz, we have taught thousands of kids to swim and become safer around water. Our innovative and unique swimming lessons are taught by experienced instructors and take place in heated indoor pools. Contact us today to find your nearest class.

Reference: Benefits of swimming in winter for young kids

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