Despite the recent spring-like weather in the UK, it is still technically winter, and that means lots of babies and young children are missing out on their swimming lessons!

A recent survey by Splash About found that over a quarter (28%) of parents only take their toddlers swimming in summer. That means they are missing out – swimming is a great form of exercise, keeping your child’s energy at a consistent level without them having to go outside and face the winter weather. Swimming lessons are not affected by any changes in the weather, unlike outdoor sports.

In addition, carrying on with regular lessons throughout the year is crucial to avoid babies wasting any progress they have made. As Splash About MD Bernadette Spofforth says:

“When young children are still learning how to swim, or when they have just recently learned, if they have a break of more than a few weeks (at any time of year) they are liable to forget some, or even most, of what they have learned. That’s because the complex skills involved in swimming are not yet stored in their long-term memory.”

And if you’rew worried that having wet hair in the cold weather will cause your little one to catch cold, it’s a myth. Swimming throughout the year will actually your child infants build a stronger immune system so they can fight off colds and other nasty bugs.

Swimming is a vital life skill. Consistently taking swimming lessons prepares children for accidents and enables them to become confident in the water.

At Swimkidz, we have taught thousands of kids to swim and become safer around water. Our innovative and unique swimming lessons are taught by experienced instructors and take place in heated indoor pools. Contact us today to find your nearest class.

Read the full article by Spash About here: Winter swimming lessons: why are they important?

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